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Southern Pines Christian School

Southern Pines Christian School
Southern Pines Christian School was stablished in 2000 under the homeschooling laws of the State of Alabama to meet the needs of homeschooling families. While home school doesn't have, or require by law any certification and is not recognized by any national organization, there has never been a problem with the legitimacy of either our diploma or transcript. Southern Pines Christian School has graduated students from all over Alabama who have gone on to college, joined the military, or taken their place in the workforce.

As Headmaster for Southern Pines Christian School, Steven Webber and his wife, Patsy, have home school experience with their two children in Alabama, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia and Illinois. Steven's experience includes business consulting across a broad range of industries, is a certified risk manager and identity theft expert, "C" level executive, and recognized author and public speaker on a wide variety of business topics. Their son, Steven Jr., was homeschooled through the 8th grade and went on to transition to public education for high school and is now in college. Their daughter, Kathrin was homeschooled through high school and her first day of public education was college. She graduated last year.

Our Philosophy
Every family has the constitutional right to home school their children.
Home schooling families need support and resources not hassles
No unnecessary administrative burdens or arbitrary rules.
Home school doesn’t mean “school” at home.
No belief statements, pre-approval of curriculum or mandatory meetings
You choose your curriculum based on the educational goals for your children.
Students who are older or who have had disciplinary problems are welcome.
Credits earned in prior school systems apply toward graduation requirements
Home school shouldn’t be a financial burden.

Keys to Success
This isn’t rocket science. You can do this if you have the desire and discipline.
Every day is a school day. Have flexible but consistent school hours.
Learning is a natural process. Be creative and look for teaching opportunities.
The computer and local library can be remarkable resources.
Stay informed, join a group; subscribe to periodicals about home schooling.
Have the end game in mind. If your student is going to college then make sure curriculum includes Math, English, History, Science, Social Studies, etc.
Explore the possibilities of “unit studies” as a curriculum alternative
Don’t’ forget to have fun!!