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Southern Pines Christian School
Under the homeschooling laws in Alabama, enrolling in Southern Pines is easy. Do the following:

1. Download and print the “Application Form” and fill it out completely (both parents must sign).

2. Download and print the “Enrollment Form”. One is required for each child you’re enrolling in Southern Pines. Fill it out completely and both parents must sign.

3. Send all forms along with the proper tuition and fees ($250 per student, $100 for each additional student. If student is a senior, include an additional $100 graduation fee). Mail to:

Southern Pines Christian School
6842 Buck Jackson Rd.
Vernon, AL  35592

Upon receipt of forms, tuition and any applicable fees, Southern Pines will:

Send notice of enrollment to Superintendent of Schools in your county of residence (sent via USPS “Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested

Establish a permanent file per student

Send laminated “Student” and “Faculty” ID cards

Receive and file “Report Card” form

Request a transcript of grades from previous school. Credits previously earned will count toward graduation from Southern Pines.

4. Download and print “Report Card Form”. This form must be signed and submitted per student for each semester of school attended. The "Report Card Form" must also include “Number of Days in School” as required by law so make sure you keep up with this. We recommend using a simple Homeschool Log so there is an entry for each day of school which includes the subject and assignment. This will make it easy to keep up with a minimum of hassle. Report cards are due as follows:

Fall Semester report cards are due Jan 15th
Spring Semester report cards are due June 30th
Summer Semester report cards are due Sept 1st
(minimum any two constitute a school year)

5. Keep copies of all correspondence received from either Southern Pines Christian School or your local education system for your files.

6.  For more information, download the Southern Pines Christian School Handbook.


Chancy Price,

Office:  205-712-6037 or 205-789-2593

Southern Pines Christian School