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National Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA is the cutting edge of home education in
the United States. It provides legal services for
members, keeps abreast of legislative
developments in Congress and the states, and
provides leadership training workshops and
resources for state home school leaders.

National Home Education Research Institute
Need statistics on the performance of home
schooled students across the United States?
NHERI provides the results of research from a
number of studies.

National Publications

Home School Digest Magazine
A national quarterly publication for serious
homeschoolers. Focuses on lifestyle issues. From
the Christian perspective.

Homeschooling Today Magazine
Features ready-to-use curriculum, teaching tips,

Practical Homeschooling Magazine
The latest homeschooling news, articles,
organizations, events, Homeschool Mall, and
much, much more!

Teaching Home Magazine
A Christian magazine for home educators, written
for homeschooling families by home-schoolers.

Major Curriculum Providers

A Beka Books
Curriculum by subject or grade level,
correspondence school option, video courses

Advanced Training Institute of America
Multi-aged home education (Bill Gothard)

Alpha Omega Publications
Consumable workbook-based curriculum by grade
or subject. Now also some computer based
curriculum starting at grade 5.

Ambleside Online (free)
Free online curriculum including many online
reading lists, tests and other resources based on
Charlotte Mason (British education pioneer in
England 1842-1923) and her extensive work in

Bob Jones University Press
Curriculum by subject or grade level, courses by
satellite, video courses

Calvert School
K-8 complete curriculums, optional
correspondence school relationship

Christian Liberty Academy and Press
Curriculum by subject or grade, correspondence

Cornerstone Curriculum Project
K-12 art, science, math, and music

Multi-age unit studies around character

School of Tomorrow
ACE Paces (workbooks)

Sonlight Curriculum
Literature and history-based curriculum, complete
grades or by subject

World Book Encyclopedia
This is an excellent resource to give you a
summary by grade level K-12, by subject of what a
child in that grade should be learning. The typical
course of study reflects general curriculum
requirements across North America. The
information is categorized by grade level and
general skill type or discipline.

Other Resources

The Kahn Academy
Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with the goal of
changing education for the better by providing a
free world-class education for anyone anywhere.
All of the site's resources are available to anyone
completely free of charge.

The Elijah Company
Not a curriculum, but a vendor of many curriculums
and materials. Their catalog has much valuable
information on homeschooling in general, and is
worth reading.

Rainbow Resource Center
Not a curriculum, but a vendor with a large catalog
of materials

Shekina Curriculum Cellar
Not a curriculum, but a vendor with a catalog which
includes commentaries

Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

Alabama Homeschooling Law

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